Atelier Chauvance

Who we are

We are independent craftsmen who have decided to bring together all our skills and know-how under the same roof in order to provide you with a unique watchmaking workshop focused on your needs.

Our Swiss ateliers

Our workshops are located in Geneva, Switzerland, at the heart of watchmaking history. We have worked in the finest watch and jewelry houses, which today allows us to guarantee you perfection.

The Chauvance experience

This “house” as we like to call it, is not just a story of highly skilled craftsmen but also a story of friendship and common passion.
Atelier Chauvance is remarkable in the quality of its service but also for the relationships that we maintain together. We are committed to being by your side to advise you and above all, to support you before, during and after your projects.

Clocks at the service
of your timepiece

We are committed to taking care of your Timepiece, regardless of its value or manufacture. Every watch deserves special treatment because of its unique history.

We authenticate, renovate, repair and guarantee the watches we work on.

Thanks to a simple renovation carried out by us, it is very often the case that your luxury item will regain its aura of yesteryear.

In general, we recommend a full inspection of your watch every five to seven years.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we can help you maintain your watch and extend its life.