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In order to continually improve the quality of our services offered on our Site, as well as how they match your requirements, A/C uses “cookies”. These are text files that serve the purpose of identifying your device when you are connected to our Site.

The following is a description of the various categories of cookies we use.

Cookies that are necessary for the internet Site to work properly.

These cookies are required in order to provide specific functionality on the Site. These cookies do not identify you as an individual.

Functional Cookies

These kinds of cookies allow us to customize our Site for you. They also allow us to store your preferences, the region in which you connected and the web pages that you consulted. These cookies can be set up by you or by a third party which delivers them to the pages that you visit. The information that the cookies collect can include personal data that you provide.

Performance cookies

These types of cookies allow us to monitor the use of our Site, the manner in which it is used, which in turn, allows us to improve your user experience. For example, we receive information on the number of people who visit the Site or on the specific pages that are the most popular. We never use any information that we gather with this type of cookie for any purpose other than the agreed purpose. These cookies do not identify you as an individual. These cookies may be used by third parties, such as Google Analytics.

Targeting Cookies

We work with third parties and with web analytic companies in order to be able to provide you with promotional content on the basis of the information you have provided on your location. We do not make any decisions as to where to place specific cookies or how your data is to be used by third parties. These types of cookies do identify how your browser and your device access our Site. They do have access to certain personal data.

2. Cookie Management

In order for you to limit the use of the above cookies, we use a free script called “tarteaucitron.js from the software company AIC agency SAS.

In order to use “tarteaucitron.js” and to manage cookies and trackers, depending on what is displayed, click on the information banner and select the cookies you want.

You have the option of adding your own browser GaOptOut plug in from Google. It is available here: You can opt out of the collection, the registration and the transfer of data to cookies and trackers.

Refusing certain types of performance cookies could mean that the site of some of the utilities for the site do not work. You are solely responsible for any consequences of your choices. A/C declines any responsibility whatsoever for any malfunction that occurs.

In order to be able to use “tarteauctrion.js”, A/C has configured the amount of time the cookie data and the user identification or advertising data can be stored to be limited to 13 months.


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