Customise you watch

by watchmakers experts

A vision

You are unique due to your physical features and the uniqueness of your character so why don’t you reflect your personality on your wrist?

Be Different

Come share with us what makes you different, your desires and make your watch a truly unique object.

Process of customisation

♦ Exchanges and Collaboration

During our first meeting, you will be accompanied by the manager, the watchmaker and the designer of Atelier Chauvance. Here we will discuss your vision in more detail in order to provide you with several sketches. After having validated these drawings, we will present you with a quote before proceeding to the design of your creation.

♦ Design

It is up to us to give back to you what you have trusted us with. Not all customizations require the same steps and therefore the same amount of time. Some will only take a few days, others several weeks depending on the nature of the changes requested.

♦ Delivery

Should we come to you ? Should you visit us? Should we send you your timepiece in a secure package ?
We hand you over your watch, now unique, with its certificate of craftsmanship and its 2-years warranty. During our first meeting, you will have the opportunity to order a case that matches the customization of your watch.

Let yourself be guided and come and make your watch a unique piece in the world.