Who is Atelier CHAUVANCE?

Atelier Chauvance is a watchmaking workshop which does not manufacture its own watches, but which instead offers all the watchmaking services around your timepiece.

What are our services?

Our core business is the customization of watches but our goal is to create a virtuous circle around your watch, which is why we offer you above all to be your partner, your intermediary whatever your project, through the following services:

  • Purchase
  • Sale
  • Maintenance

How to use our services?

You can contact us on our website using our forms or directly via our “Contact” page as well as on our Instagram page.

Duration of the Guarantee?

Atelier Chauvance’s warranty differs depending on the service:
Personalization: 5 years for a new watch / 2 years for a watch out of warranty
Watchmaker Service: 1 year
Purchase / Sale: 5 years for a new watch / 2 years for a watch out of warranty

What is customization?

Customization is by definition the modification of a watch performed by Atelier Chauvance in order to make it unique.
Customization is only rarely approved by the brands we work on. It is for this reason that our know-how is intended only for customers who use their watches for personal and non-commercial purposes.

What timepieces can ATELIER CHAUVANCE work on?

Atelier Chauvance operates on all models of all brands. On the other hand, you will be asked to prove the ownership of the watch by providing the various documents certifying that you are the owner.
We are of course entirely at your disposal if you would like more information.

If I don't have a timepiece, can you find one for me to customize it?

Yes we can. We will look for your watch. As soon as the watch is officially your property, we will then be able to customize it to your liking.

What is the cost and duration of a customization?

The cost and turnaround vary depending on the degree of customization desired.

What happens if you perform a customization on a watch that is still under warranty?

Modifying the watch even for a simple engraving voids the warranty given by the manufacturer. It is even possible that the manufacturer will refuse to work on your watch if you want to repair it. This is why we offer our customers an intervention service as well as the replacement of the lost warranty by our Workshop’s own one.
We guarantee the services we perform on your watch for a period of 5 years for a new watch and 2 years for a watch no longer under warranty. Of course, this does not cover wear and tear, loss, theft or damage due to misuse or the intervention of third parties not authorized by us after our work.

How is the payment for your services organized?

Because of our total dedication to you and your project, we cannot consider providing our time and expertise without being certain of your commitment to us.

This is why, with regard to research-to-purchase mandates, we take a front fee upon signing the mandate. Our purchasing or selling commission will vary depending on its final purchase or sell price.

For our customization and watchmaking service we will ask for a deposit of 50% of the amount of the final estimate and payment of the balance upon finalization of the project.


You can pay by credit card or by bank transfer in CHF, EUR or USD. We are of course entirely at your disposal if you would like more information.

How do I send my timepiece to ATELIER CHAUVANCE?

You can come meet us or we can come to you. Many of our customers send their goods to us by secure mail using a transport provider. We personally use Ferrari Group.

How do you get your watch back?

As soon as we receive the final payment of your invoice, we will be able to return your unique piece to you. You will have the option of having it delivered to you by us at the address of your choice, in person in our workshop in Switzerland, or by secure mail.

What is a Mandate?

You don’t have any time to waste in trying to find or to sell a watch, you feel lost faced with the offers, or you don’t feel safe about spending large sums of money on a watch that may be fake or that you might simply not receive… we propose to be your intermediary and to do this work for you.
Thanks to this sale or purchase mandate signed between you and Atelier Chauvance, you empower us on your behalf to manage the sale or purchase of the Timepiece of your dreams.